The Program Manager is an important managerial and problem-solving role in New Incentive’s field operations. While we are seeing a significant increase in volume, there are still many families that are not coming to access immunization services for their infants. We are seeking candidates who can help understand the core issues behind barriers and propose scalable solutions to these problems. As a data-driven organization, the person responsible for this would have projects with concrete deliverables and outcomes. The right candidate will have significant autonomy with direct supervision by the Chief Operating Officer and executives. If the RCT demonstrates a significant impact from the New Incentives program, the organization will be looking to grow quickly by giving senior employees like the Program Manager opportunities to grow as the organization scales its program across North West Nigeria and tests CCTs to drive life-saving behavior change programming.

What you will get from the opportunity:

  • A job that will directly lead to more counterfactual lives saved
  • Opportunity to spend significant time in Nigeria
  • A challenging role where your ability to absorb information and take action will matter
  • Executive supervision and growth
  • Ability to run fast-paced experiments, assess results, and make decisions
  • Work-life balance
  • The flexibility of working remotely after the first 1.5 years
  • A position with significant growth opportunities

Job Description:

People Management: The PM will be expected to add value in a performance-oriented culture within the teams, with all staff receiving feedback & development opportunities to achieve their potential

  • Increase communication and accountability to improve feedback loops and address core issues faster
  • Run performance reviews for all managers & build capacity to do the same
  • Identify & coach high-potential field staff to grow on a quick promotion trajectory
  • Identify gaps in org chart & propose solutions to COO

Problem-Solving: The PM should have the ability to improve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used as internal proxies to assess the program’s impact

  • Ability to identify problems across the areas with the program’s clinics and prioritize
  • Propose low-cost solutions to solve the above problems and execute on these solutions through communication with our employees and program participants
  • Piloting new targeting methods & providing recommendations to leadership team

Data & Analysis: The PM should be able to review and understand data (key insights) and communicate concisely & clearly across a variety of forms (written, presenting, verbal)

Desired Qualifications:

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, team leadership, & managerial experience
  • Strong communication, organizational, & analytical skills
  • Experience creating systematic solutions to difficult problems
  • Experience working in developing countries
  • Interest in spending significant time in Nigeria (minimum expectation is 12 out of first 18 months, ideal is at least 9 out of 12 months, this could decrease in the future)
  • Ability to be resourceful and work with limited direction

We are hiring for this job ASAP. We want to invite applicants who are highly motivated, smart, and have demonstrated a good fit with the organization's principles of accountability, diligence, communication, planning, and can manage their time well. In this role, you will receive significant responsibility and will be responsible for delivering consistently. Which means that this role is only for those who are able to meet the challenges of a quickly growing organization with a disruptive program and unique execution. If you succeed in this role, there will be significant opportunities to grow.