About the Junior Operations Manager position

We are looking for an experienced Operations Manager to help us with planning, directing and coordinating our company’s operations. Your responsibilities will include improving efficiency, performance, productivity and accountability using effective strategies. You will lead a team of managers and be responsible for their training and output.

This is ideal for candidates interested in working for a evidence-based NGO using highly accountable technical systems and being at the lead for reviewing and designing processes.

Help YC alum and GiveWell-seeded charity New Incentives become a leader in evidence-based development aid. Join our mission to save lives using incentives to tackle a challenge that has long plagued Nigeria; less than 30% of infants in North West Nigeria are immunized!

Hundreds of solutions have been tried already and more are tried every day but we’re finally seeing the kind of increase everybody has always hoped for. We're achieving this simply by giving small amounts of cash, a little over a dollar, every time an infant receives her next series of immunizations.

So, why isn’t everybody doing it? Because distributing cash to these beneficiaries and doing so without rampant fraud in North West Nigeria in a way that it leads to significant impact with incredible cost-effectiveness is not easy. It requires bank-level accountability, cash management, and timely reviews. We have devised a method to be able to do this better and at a fraction of the cost. We call it Console and this is the system and the people involved that you will be managing in this role.

This role is currently managed by our Chief Operating Officer and we are currently scaling the organization to run a historical, large-scale Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). You will work directly with the COO and senior executives in the organization in this role.

You will be responsible for managing 3-5 Supervisors/Managers, who will each be expected to manage their teams and responsibilities. The scope is expected to increase based on your abilities and growth.


  • Monitor company's operations (called "Console") and assess their metrics, such as: timeliness, accuracy and so on

  • Review and optimize existing operational systems, processes, and best practices

  • Oversee the compliance of budgetary policies with specifications and quality requirements

  • Work to support the achievement of company’s strategic and operational objectives

  • Conduct quality controls, audits, and monitor KPI’s

  • Recruit, train, supervise, and appraise managers and guide them to appraise and grow their team members

  • Increase capacity overtime of the operations team that you will be supervising to increase the output while maintaining the cost per output


  • 3+ years of work experience that demonstrates your ability to work diligently and with a high level of accountability

  • 1+ years of experience managing and growing a team

  • Ability to communicate effectively (we are a remote team, every word you write matters since this is the primary means of communication)

  • Significant experience working with data, especially using GoogleSheets or a more sophisticated system is ideal (MS Excel experience is okay but ability to analyze/review large sets of data is desirable)

  • Excellent understanding of organizational effectiveness and operations management

  • Strong leadership and organizational skills with ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization

  • Excellent responsiveness to email and phone requests -- you will enjoy flexibility as a remote worker, but with high output requirements

  • Bachelors degree

The requirements are deliberately kept minimal to invite applicants who are highly motivated, smart, and have demonstrated a good fit with the organization's principles of accountability, diligence, communication, planning, and an ability to manage time well. In this role, you will receive significant responsibility and will be responsible for delivering consistently. Which means that this role is only for those who are able to meet the challenges of a quickly growing organization with a disruptive program and unique execution. If you succeed in this role, there will be significant opportunities to grow.

If you think this sounds like the perfect fit for you then we look forward to hearing from you!