Job Summary

  • Strategic Partnerships Manager
  • Full-time Permanent Staff
  • Currently residing in Jigawa State or Zamfara State or willing to relocate to any of these two states
  • Experience working with National or State Health Ministry or Primary Health Care Agency
  • MSc or PhD in public health or any of the health or social sciences disciplines.
  • At least 15 years prior experience working for a health non-profit or national health Ministry, Department or Agency.
  • Key responsibilities include stakeholder management, supervision of stakeholder relations unit and organizational representation.


The Strategic Partnerships Manager (SPM) will be responsible for strategic partnerships building which include stakeholder identification, management and engagement. Stakeholder engagements will entail organizational representation while as a Manager, the SPM will supervise some staff in the stakeholder relations unit in addition to other responsibilities that will be required of this senior manager.

The ideal candidate should be a growth-oriented and well-networked individual who can lead our strategic partnerships building agenda. Currently, our organization is looking to implement various activities that strengthen its stakeholder relations. Our Stakeholder Relations goals include being well-represented to external stakeholders in Nigeria, operating in an enabling environment, having excellent situational awareness of cash transfer and routine immunization programs, and ensuring that stakeholders understand, are aware, have access to information and having formal agreements in place that govern relationships with state actors and other external partners. The SPM will lead the aspect of this work that relates to strategic partnerships at the States and national levels.

Organizational Summary

All Babies Are Equal Initiative (the Nigerian entity of US organization, New Incentives) was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission as a Non-governmental organization (NGO) and its work is focused on demand creation for routine immunization in Nigeria through conditional cash transfers and awareness creation. The organizational goal is to save lives cost effectively by increasing immunization coverage in the North West Nigerian States of Katsina, Zamfara and Jigawa. New Incentives - All Babies Are Equal Initiative is one of the most cost-effective charities in the world.

The conditional cash transfers for routine immunization intervention includes supply side review, sensitization, verification for vaccination received, awareness creation, and a cash transfer of N500 for the first four mandatory immunization visits and N2,000 for the 5th immunization visit to caregivers of infants. A randomized controlled trial (RCT) found strong evidence that the program significantly increases vaccination rates. Additionally, the organization engages in support for routine immunization systems in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Job Responsibilities and Tasks

Strategic Partnership Building(40%)

  • Ensure that old very cordial relationships with stakeholders are nurtured and maintained
  • Improve upon relationships with stakeholders that are not very cordial
  • Build new relationships that will assist in achieving organizational and program goals
  • Identification and management of collaborations with and support to national-level MDAs and partner organizations
  • Identification and cultivation of national level champions and supports

Stakeholder Management (30%)

  • Develop and implement strategies that will mitigate risks of harm to organization or program by antagonistic stakeholders
  • Manage stakeholder relations activities in a manner that is cost-effective
  • Stakeholder knowledge management
  • Implementation of the stakeholder relations goals and strategy at the state and national levels
  • Organizational awareness of stakeholder relations landscape changes at the state and national level
  • Alignment of organizational goals with government priorities and identification of common points of collaborations
  • Timely and consistent reporting to national level governmental and non-governmental partners
  • Timely responses to requests for information (ROI) from national level governmental and non-governmental partners.
  • Management of engagement with media personnel and organizations.
  • Maintenance of organization schedule of MOUs and approvals by government MDAs and proactive reminder with follow up for renewal at least 6 months before expiry.

Organizational Representation (20%)

  • Meetings and check-ins with national level governmental Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) and non-governmental partner organizations
  • Organizational representation at events and partner coordination meetings of States and national-levels
  • Organizing events and engagement at national and state level with thorough planning
  • Development and maintenance of a set of presentation slides, fact sheets and talking points on organization, its program, plans and key questions for various audiences.
  • Ability to represent the organization to local media; at conferences and workshops; and to other interest groups as needed.

Managerial (10%)

  • Provide technical supervision and guidance to the stakeholder relations and supply-side unit.
  • Support the recruitment, training, evaluation, staff’s development and internal communication of necessary manpower required for meeting stakeholder relations and supply-side goals.
  • Daily and weekly updates to Ops Team to ensure timely action on potential stockouts
  • Undertake any other administrative duties, or training and development, appropriate to the grade of the position

Education and Work Experience Requirement

  • MSc or PhD in public health or any of the health or social sciences disciplines.
  • 10 years prior experience working on immunization programs
  • 15 years prior experience working for a health non-profit or national health Ministry, Department or Agency
  • Currently residing in Abuja or willing to relocate
  • Experience working in Jigawa, Katsina, or Zamfara State

Skills and Competencies Requirement

  • Good writing and oral communication skills
  • Excellent networking skills
  • Good organizational skills, effective time management, and ability to meet deadlines, multi-task and prioritize tasks
  • Sound cultural awareness and ability to work in a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment
  • Ability to deliver high quality work in short periods of time with minimal supervision
  • Ability to collaborate and work with stakeholders from various backgrounds and culture
  • Critical thinker who possess problem solving attitude
  • Detail-oriented and diligent professional
  • Excellent responsiveness to email and phone requests
  • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, internet browsers, smartphones and ICT in general. Ability to use Google Doc, Google Sheet and AppSheet would be an advantage
  • Motivation to work in a young organization that is constantly changing based on stakeholder feedback and operates with a lean structure
  • Profound knowledge of stakeholder management and relationship building

Language Requirement

  • Proficiency in English Language (conversation, reading and writing) is required
  • Knowledge of Hausa Language (conversation and reading) is an advantage

How to Apply

All submissions should be through and by filling out this Google Form (mandatory) on or before 11.59 pm of 21st May 2021.