Charity supported by Y Combinator and GiveWell recruiting Full Stack Freelancer

Made a big impact in tech and looking for the next adventure?

Help YC alum and GiveWell-seeded charity New Incentives become a leader in evidence-based development aid. Join our mission to save lives using conditional cash transfers.

Every aspect of New Incentives' program is built on information technology. Your job is to strengthen and reinvent our systems to ensure they are ready as we scale from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries!

About New Incentives and Your Role

New Incentives aims to change how international aid works. We believe that we have the unique opportunity to save thousands of lives. We are supported by Y Combinator and were seeded by GiveWell.

We are a data-driven startup that is self-critical. We give low-income caretakers in West Africa cash incentives when they complete routine immunizations for their infants. Small cash incentives have the potential to be one of the most cost-effective programs to save lives. An ongoing randomized controlled trial (similar to a clinical drug trial) will be measuring the impact of our program.

We have over 100 employees worldwide and are growing quickly. You will be one of our lead engineers working directly with the founders of the organization. We collect over one million data points on our beneficiaries and program every week so we can continuously assess our performance. We are looking to significantly improve the management and utilization of this data.

The direct impact of our program is lives saved and if this motivates you and you can meet the requirements below, we should talk. The position is remote and you will have the opportunity to visit our field operations in Nigeria.

New Incentives is looking for our second full-stack engineer who is ready to develop and be responsible for a variety of development projects. Your first project will be to review existing code to complete an app that writes data from backend databases into Google Sheets and expand the app to cover a range of web forms to start moving data entry and analysis outside of Google Sheets. You will have ownership of the product and support from the founders of the organization. The position requires excellent communication and organization skills and at least 2 years of experience in developing and deploying solutions. In order to succeed as a remote employee at New Incentives, you would need to be self-driven and thrive in a meritocratic environment.


- Expand and improve existing code that writes data from databases into Google Sheets

- Develop web apps to replace data entry and analysis processes in Google Sheets that are exceeding Google Sheets capacity limitations

- Develop and manage a backend database on our beneficiaries

- Coordinate work of freelance developers

- Optimize our program dashboards in Google Spreadsheets (incl with Google Apps Script)


- Extensive experience using Google Sheets API and Google Drive API

- Extensive experience building custom solutions using third-party APIs and making progress amidst third-party software challenges

- Strong experience with relational databases and data modeling (MySQL or PostgreSQL)

- Exceptional communication skills and follow-through

- Full-stack senior developer with startup experience

- A proven record of delivering and maintaining software projects from end to end

- Strong experience in a modern web framework, Ruby on Rails / Django or similar

- Ability to work full-time for a very modest salary

- Experience with Google Apps Script, messaging applications, various APIs, and PHP

- A strong ability to address software security and privacy considerations


- Very good communications skills as collaboration with founders will mostly take place online (remote workplace)

- Option to work in Nigeria for a few months

- Proactive and self-driven

- Quick testing and implementation of new ideas

We look forward to hearing from you!