New Incentives

Key Responsibilities

  • Review Staff Work Day Reports
  • Complete Investigation Procedures and Status each week
  • Plan and manage periodic on-site and off-site audits and investigations
  • Confidentially carry out on-ground investigations against specific employees or operational areas
  • Maintain reports of all audits and investigations, identify fraud, and investigate until closure
  • Review expense submissions by calling vendors to assess authenticity
  • Develop quarterly and ongoing training to improve managers and FOs ability to detect and mitigate fraud

Job Responsibilities and Tasks

Program Protocol and Operations Audit (40%)

  • Review current audit and compliance processes towards developing an audit and compliance plan and protocol.
  • Provide accurate assessments, proper documentation and insightful recommendations.
  • Assess staff's compliance with the policies of the organization and program implementation guidelines.
  • Talk to various stakeholders, including beneficiaries, to get feedback on issues and gaps for the organization.
  • Confidentially carry out on-ground investigations against specific employees or operational areas.
  • Plan and review the auditing activities including reporting adherence to routine immunization procedure by clinic staff, program, and cash management procedures by employee.
  • Confirm clinic gifts and other procured organizational items are being distributed per schedule to stakeholders or related end users.
  • Ensure timely completion and reporting of audits.
  • Complete Investigation Procedures and Status each week

Fraud Identification and Investigation (30%)

  • Develop and implement effective strategies for the detection and prevention of fraud in the organization or during program implementation.
  • Oversee the recruitment and training of auditors to ensure an effective unit.
  • Collaborate with lawyers and law enforcement agents to execute plans for the resolution of fraud cases.
  • Conduct interviews with staff and stakeholders to obtain intelligence on the degree of involvement of a fraudulent incident and extent of financial loss to the organization.
  • Seek and analyze relevant documents and dashboards , evidence and data to identify inconsistencies in organizational records and programming.
  • Maintain reports of all audits and investigations.
  • Plan for periodic field visits for onsite and offsite investigations
  • Synthesize information and strategies required to apprehend fraud suspects and recover organizational funds or assets.
  • Develop and implement processes and guidelines effective for the prevention or mitigation of fraud risks.
  • Make appearances during court hearings, if necessary, to testify as witnesses and present evidence to back up testimonies in a fraud litigation.

Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (20%)

  • Monitor the implementation of the conditional cash transfer intervention to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of donors.
  • Monitor the operations of New Incentives - All Babies Are Equal Initiative (NI-ABAE) to ensure compliance with Nigerian laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • Protocol review and compliance review across the board, including compliance with cash disbursement protocol, transportation safety and rate expectations, stakeholder engagement procedures, security reporting, communication and management protocols, and internal and external communication guidelines.
  • Review compliance with operations and supply-side issues identification, reporting, and resolution.
  • Inform any observed weaknesses with clear recommendations in protocols and internal employee relationships.
  • Liaise with appropriate governmental agencies to identify and obtain required approvals and documents.
  • Review and gathering of evidence to comply with audit requirements and ensure internal implementation of Audit recommendations.

Managerial (10%)

  • Provide technical supervision and guidance to the audit and compliance unit.
  • Support the recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, potential, detection, staff’s development and internal communication of necessary manpower required for internal audit and compliance.
  • Identify training needs, train, follow up and coach, carry out periodic evaluation of team members to maximize their capabilities and commitment to organizational goals.
  • Undertake any other administrative duties, or training and development, appropriate to the grade of the position.

Education and Work Experience Requirement

  • MSc, BSc or BA in Accounting or Finance or Public Health disciplines or Social Sciences disciplines. A Professional certification (such as ICAN, ACCA or CFE) would be a bonus.
  • 3 - 5 years prior experience working as an Audit and / or Compliance Officer or Manager. Preferred experience in compliance management, internal control or fraud investigation.
  • 1 - 2 years prior experience working for a non-profit, charitable organization or (I)NGO.

Skills and Competencies Requirement

  • Preferably a candidate already based in Jigawa, Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto, Bauchi State
  • Good organizational skills, effective time management, ability to meet deadlines, multi-task, and prioritize tasks
  • Sound cultural awareness and ability to work multicultural and multiethnic environment
  • Proven managerial and / or leadership skills
  • Ability to deliver high quality work in short periods of time and to work under pressure
  • Adaptability to changing nature of humanitarian work and operational difficulties
  • Willingness to frequent field missions to perform discrete enquiries visits
  • Careful attention to financial matters and management of funds
  • Critical thinker and possess problem solving attitude
  • Ability to get work done effectively from auditors
  • Skilled in performing discrete enquiries
  • Detail-oriented, diligent professional
  • Passion to help others and reduce infant mortality
  • Very good communication and writing skills, English, Hausa and dialects (verbal and written)
  • Excellent responsiveness to email and phone requests
  • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, internet browsers, smartphones and ICT in general. Ability to use Google Doc, Google Sheet and AppSheet would be a bonus.
  • Motivation to work in a young organization that is constantly changing based on stakeholder feedback and operates with a lean structure
  • Profound knowledge of auditing, compliance, investigations and internal control requirements and practices
  • Familiarity with audit softwares

Language Requirement

  • Proficiency in English Language (conversation, reading and writing) is required
  • Knowledge of Hausa Language (conversation and reading) is required.
All submissions should be through by filling out this Google Form questionnaire by 30-Sep-2023. Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis and are encouraged to not wait until the deadline as decisions for this position could be taken sooner.

DISCLAIMER: Beware of fraudulent job offers. New Incentives – All Babies Are Equal Initiative does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process.