New Incentives

Organization Overview

New Incentives uses a cost-effective, evidence-based approach to increase routine childhood vaccinations in northern Nigeria, a region with some of the highest child mortality rates and lowest childhood vaccination rates in the world. Working within government clinics and in conjunction with existing programs, New Incentives provides small cash incentives to caregivers after their infant has received the latest round of vaccinations while also raising awareness about vaccinations and supporting vaccine supply efforts. New Incentives has been named a top charity by GiveWell for two years in a row.

Job Details

Position Title: Senior Accountant / Accounting Manager
Supervisor: Director of Finance
Job Type: Full Time
Department: Accounting and Finance
Location: California, Florida
Closing Date: Open Until Fulfilled (candidates are considered on a rolling basis, so those applying sooner have an advantage)

Job Description

Under the direction of the Director of Finance, the Senior Accountant or Accounting Manager supports the Accounting and Finance team in achieving organizational goals and ensuring compliance obligations are met in terms of internal audit, banking, and financial reporting requirements.

Main Responsibilities

  • Support payment processes
  • Review and coordinate with insurance providers regarding documentation, quotation, and payment.
  • Identify and work with a firm to carry out non-profit registration in additional states in the US.
  • Coordinate with banks and bankers as necessary, which may include bank calls or branch visits.
  • Contribute to core accounting and finance procedures and processes
  • Assist with accounting and procurement reviews, guidelines, and policy enforcement
  • Support recordkeeping
  • Support annual audits and tax filings

Other Responsibilities

  • Data Analysis for Financial and Operations Key Performance Indicators
  • Data Visualization for Accounting and Finance Report and Presentation
  • Assists in the orientation and onboarding process for US employees
    1. Conduct new US employee orientation.
    2. Collect all necessary documentation to complete US onboarding
    3. Assist in administering first employee payroll in the US using payroll service
    4. Perform Office Money Fund Audit
    5. Bank Statement Review of Employees
    6. Additional Review for Employees Flagged for Full Audit
    7. Additional Review of Large Expenses

    Qualifications and Skills

    • A strong passion for and commitment to the organization’s mission, goals, and accomplishments
    • Strong work ethics and integrity
    • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or other relevant field required
    • At least two years of relevant work experience
    • Solid grasp of audit and accounting procedures and regulations, with the ability to coordinate with outside experts where needed
    • Excellent English skills (written and spoken)
    • Solid analytical skills and willingness to learn new software programs and applications
    • Strong organizational and time-management skills
    • Ability to establish and maintain excellent working relationships with supervisor, co-workers, and other staff
    • Hands-on, problem-solver mentality
    • Proactive and process-oriented
    • Proficient with Google Workspace applications
    • Knowledge of Zoho People is not required but is a plus
    • Cross-cultural experience a plus

    What you can expect from this role

    • An opportunity to work with an innovative team that is recognized as one of the most cost-effective charities in the world
    • A challenging role where your abilities will lead to material change and personal growth
    • An opportunity to work with a highly accountable and passionate team
    • A healthy work-life balance
    • The flexibility to work remotely
    • A position with significant growth opportunities

    We invite applicants who are highly motivated, detail-oriented, and have demonstrated a good fit with the organization's principles of accountability, diligence, and cost-effectiveness. In this role, you will receive significant responsibility and will be responsible for delivering consistently. This role is only for those who are able to meet the challenges of a quickly growing organization running a pioneering program with unique execution. If you succeed in this role, there will be significant opportunities to grow.

    New Incentives is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity for making employment decisions based on merit and value. We are committed to complying with all federal, state, and local laws providing Equal Employment Opportunities, as well as all laws related to terms and conditions of employment. We desire to maintain a work environment free of harassment or discrimination due to race, sex, color, religion, disability, national origin, or age.

    Nothing contained in this job description should be construed as an offer or guarantee of employment.